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Hypnotherapy and the Cancer Journey
A blog - Hypnotherapy and the intergrative aproach whilst on a cancer journey. By Melody May, April 2022.


Holistic hypnotherapy can support you to find and use the tools you need to help your mental and physical health at every step of a cancer journey …

Receiving a cancer diagnosis can spark feelings of anxiety, fear and loss of control. After that initial discussion with your doctor, it is common for patients to feel overwhelmed, shocked and / or confused, especially when medical professionals use jargon that’s difficult to understand and there is so much to read and digest. Holistic hypnotherapy can provide a mini break for your mind.

In a position of such vulnerability, it’s natural to feel like you have no control over what you’re facing, but you are the most powerful member of your cancer management team.

'We know that you need more than medicine to live well with cancer' Penny Brohn UK

Hypnotherapy is a highly effective way to overcome the overwhelming thoughts and feelings you might experience following a cancer diagnosis and give you the confidence to take a proactive approach to your care. This will help you to manage things in a way that works best for you.  

As Health Creation Consultant, Dr Rosy Daniel, says: “It has been shown there’s a big survival advantage for people who use positive coping strategies and self-help techniques.”

A partner to conventional medicine

I’ve seen first-hand the positive impact that hypnotherapy can have on clients who are on a cancer journey. As well as being a great support through the emotional aspects of the illness and treatments, it can also create a profound relief in managing any side-effects and can help with preparation for and recovery from surgery.

In this way, hypnotherapy works well hand-in-hand with conventional medicine. It can be used alongside alternative therapies and works best when used as part of a holistic approach to cancer care.

A proactive role

Our emotions can have a big impact on our physical health, including our immune response and healing ability. What we think and believe can have a powerful effect on our health and, therefore, negative thought patterns could have a detrimental impact on how we cope with illness.

By entering a deep state of relaxation, holistic hypnotherapy offers a safe, calm space which enables you to develop the tools required to build your self-esteem and the confidence to take a proactive role in your cancer journey. Building your strength emotionally and physically.

It’s about shifting from being a passive recipient of care to being proactive and working with your chosen team of professionals and finding your way forwards. Leading your own journey and being part of the solution.


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