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How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Hypnotherapy is incredibly effective and can have genuinely transformative results in a short space of time.

Many clients can overcome an issue with between 1 - 6 sessions, depending on the level of support they need, we are happy to support clients for a longer duration, every client is unique and come with their own requirements.

How long is a hypnotherapy session?

Initial sessions are upto 90 minutes , and any subsequent sessions are up to 50 minutes in length.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis happens naturally whenever a person is inclined to accept outside suggestions. Hypnosis makes memories more real and ideas clearer. It can act to help you heal more rapidly, be more creative, and change for the better.

What can hypnosis be used for?

Hypnosis can be used for virtually anything

•Health improvement

  • Improving confidence and self esteem

•Stress reduction and sound sleep

•Traumas and phobias


  • Self-love and self-care

•Creativity and personal power

•Pregnancy and childbirth


•Sexual healing/enhancement

•Skin problems

  • Decision making

  • Finding your path

  • Making decisions following a Cancer diagnosis

  • Moving on from a past relationship

  • Finding yourself

  • Bereavement

•Peace of mind

  • Getting ready to find love

•Public speaking and presentations

•Weight loss

  • Letting go of the past

•Exam anxiety and success

•Memory and learning skills

•Passing your driving test

•Sales motivation

•Creative writing

•Athletic enhancement

And many more, please feel free to enquire


What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?

Most who've had hypnosis describe it as extremely pleasant and deeply relaxing, giving them a feeling of wellbeing. The most common feelings experienced include: deep relaxation, a tingly feeling, a feeling of heaviness or sensation of floating, a desire to swallow more, slight body twitches, eye fluttering, and a change in breathing pattern. Generally speaking, clients hear and remember most of what is said during the session. They are very aware of their own body and breathing, as well as the temperature of and sound in the room. Most people are actually more (not less) aware of what is going on when they are hypnotised. A very small number of people go so deeply into hypnosis that they have no memory of the session at all, but most hear and remember what went on.


Is a Deep State of Hypnosis Necessary for the Hypnosis to Work?

Absolutely not! In most cases, a light state is just as effective as a deep state. In changing attitudes and behaviour, a light state of hypnosis can actually work better because the client is more certain to remember the suggestions given.

Does Hypnosis Really Work?

Yes, and it is one of the most pleasant and natural therapies available! It puts you in charge of your own mind and your outcomes!


What are the common fallacies of hypnosis?

Contrary to popular belief, you are not asleep or unconscious when hypnotised. Clients do not lose control during the sessions and can freely choose to disregard any suggestions the hypnotherapist makes. Hypnosis makes a person more inclined to do the things they want to do, but not things that go against their own belief systems.


Do I need to lie down for the session?

The first part of the session is seated, after the consultation you are invited to go and use the rest room.  On returning you are invited to get comfortable using a therapy couch, however if this doesn't sound comfortable we can offer an alternative Futon couch or you are welcome to remain seated. Please let us know at the time of booking if you need an alternative.


Can anyone become hypnotised?

Yes, anyone who wants to be hypnotised, can be. It is a very natural reaction. However, Hypnotherapy is not suitable for anyone who has uncontrolled epilepsy or schizophrenia.

What happens if I stay hypnotised?

Don’t worry, you won’t! You will come out of hypnosis as instructed. Hypnosis (even self-hypnosis) automatically ends in line with your needs and desires.

How many sessions will I need?

How many sessions are needed depends upon your motivation and the type of therapy you are seeking. In many cases only one or two sessions are necessary, but some people require a little more time and support with a particular problem.

Does Hypnotherapy replace medical or healthcare professionals advice?

Hypnotherapy sessions can be used as an intergrative part of your healthcare plan, it is not intended to  replace medical or healthcare professional advice.

Do I need to inform my GP?

For some medical issues it is essential to work with your doctor and obtain their consent before treating medical conditions with hypnosis. In such cases, ask your hypnotherapist to write to your GP to ask for a doctor’s consent form prior to starting therapy (Please provide your name and address, date of birth and your GP's name and surgery address). It is important that you continue to take all medications you have been prescribed and discuss them with your GP as necessary. The hypnotherapist is not a doctor and does not practice medicine or psychiatry.


Can Hypnotherapy help me Stop Smoking?

Yes! Smoking Cessation sessions are very effective.


Is the Building at Cotham Hill Accessible?

The building is fully accessable, please say in advance if you require a room with wheel chair access, or a room with a futon rather than therapy couch, or any other requirements.

Where can I park?

There are paid on street parking bays which accept cash and online payments (£1 per hour).  Alternativly there is a car park at Clifton Down Shopping Centre.  Please check your route in advance and note there are several branches of The Practice Rooms, sessions are currently delivered at 39, Cotham Hill. BS6 6JY.

Can I Arrive Early/ Is There a Waiting Room?

The Practice Rooms is a quiet and safe space and each room has its own buzzer which is only be used by the client who is due for a session.  Please respect other clients' privacy and precious time by arriving at the start time of your session and pressing the designated buzzer for your therapist who will come and greet you at the main door.  Once inside the building please be mindful and keep noise to a minimum as other sessions will be taking place.

(*Currently not in use due to COVID restrictions - If you arrive with a little time to spare there is a bench inside the door of The Practice Rooms (Cotham Hill) that you can perch on until your session appointment time).

Is it Important to Turn up on Time?

Please plan your journey well and aim to arrive on time. Due to the nature of the room bookings (and additional cleaning procedures to protect public heatlh), clients who arrive more than 10 minutes late may not be seen as there will not be enough time to deliver a session. If you are on route but a little late please let us know your ETA. Clients that fail to make contact or arrive at their sessions as per agreed will be considered a no-show and these sessions will be charged at full price. Please allocate ample time to find parking (parking meters take £1 per hour for up to 3 hours).

I am unable to book an initial session (class), is the booking system broken?

We are a small family run business and are dedicated to supporting each one of our clients with as many sessions as they require. During periods of high demand (Or COVID) we can sometimes run out of available dates on our booking system. If you are unable to find a date please feel free to contact us via email or join our subscription so you can be the first to know when new dates are released.

How do I book follow on sessions?

This can be done in person once you have had your initial session?

I have a discount code, how do I redeem it?

Its a simple process to get a discounted session when you book online. After you have allocated your chosen appointment you will be asked to complete a brief contact form, please enter the code you have and check the amount has been deducted before proceeding to the payments page.

I'm having problems with the Pay Now button

Please recheck that you have completed all sections of the booking entry form. If you are struggling to know what to answer for a specific question, it is perfectly acceptable to say "I don't know".

Is there an alternative place to meet?

MelodyHypnotherapy is currently delivered online to clients in the UK and abroad (excluding USA).  This service works well for people that have a private space where they can rest comfortably in peace and quiet for an hour or two.  You will need to have a good internet connection, a well charged device and a blanket.  Sessions can be delivered to your Laptop, tablet or mobile phone. This service is ideal for people who are in self isolation and for those who are on split shifts with access to a private resting space.

Is Mobile Hypnotherapy an Option?

MelodyHypnotherapy mobile is due to be launched in the latter half of 2020 (*Due to Covid-19 this service is currently unavailable). Please do email if you have a condition that prevents you from being able to attend appointments at Cotham Hill and we can explore the possibility of an appointment closer to your home.  Please include as much information as you are comfortable with. There are several branches of The Practice Rooms throughout Bristol and Bath.

Can hypnosis be done in group sessions?

Many people benefit from group sessions and results can be enhanced for:

•Smoking cessation

•Weight loss

•Corporate sessions

•Exam anxiety and memory recall

•Improving your golf (or other game)

Group sessions can be run for a group that you organise. They are charged at a lower rate per person.  If this is something you are interested in, please subscribe to the mailing list or send an email indicating which sessions you would like to explore.

*Due to Covid-19 this service is currently unavailable

What information do you need to know?

You will be asked to share some personal information about why you've come. The more you can tell us about yourself, the more we may be of assistance to you. Feel free to go into detail about any issue you feel is relevant for us to know about you, or to help you. Everything is strictly confidential.

Will I be asked to complete any forms?

At MelodyHypnotherapy, we tailor each session specifically for you as an individual, so some information is required, a personal details form will be sent out with your booking confirmation. Your practioner will collect any other information during your initial consultation.

What if I find it hard to Relax during our Session (Class)?

To date I have seen 100% of clients relax and enjoy their sessions. At MelodyHypnotherapy everybody is greeted and provided with a safe and healing space. If, however, you find that you are not in a time and space to relax as much as you would like to, you may request a recording of the session so that you can revisit it anytime you choose in the comfort of your own home in private.

I'm Busy, Can I Book a Block of 6 Sessions (Classes) Pre Consultation?

As an affiliate member of The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council MelodyHypnotherapy follows their guidelines, which state that

"a client should expect to feel comfortable and at ease with their therapist. This is of particular importance in Hypnotherapy, in which the value of the treatment is greatly enhanced when there is confidence in the practitioner. For this reason it is recommended that a single session only is initially booked, leaving the client subsequently free to decide if they wish to proceed with more."

If during your initial session you would like to make a block booking this can easily be arranged.

Can I subscribe to your services?

Yes, please do! If you would like to receive news and offers from MelodyHypnotherapy please feel free to subscribe here.

​Is This Service Confidential?

The Service is confidential and your information will be kept in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations 2018.

I will not share client details with third parties.

I am, however, legally obliged to report a threat of injury to yourself or others.  If you are uncomfortable in any way with any of the questions asked on the form, feel free to skip them.

Is my personal information safe?

We will never sell your personal data to third parties. We request a small amount of basic information on the booking form and then all details you are comfortable to share with your therpaist are logged onto a questionnaire by yourself and sent to our private email address.  We store all information in the UK and in accordnce to GDPR and insurance specification.  If you prefer to send the document by post rather than email, that is 100% okay with us (just let us know to look out for it).

​Code of Conduct

  • Please arrive at your session on time.

  • Wash your hands once you have entered the building.

  • Please switch your mobile phone(s) off before your session starts.

  • If you arrive/log on for the session under the influence of drugs or alcohol, (or prescribed drugs if the effect is restricting your ability to communicate effectively) we reserve the right to cancel the session and will refund you for any future sessions booked.

  • To maintain professional boundaries and protect the theraputic relationship, I am unable to add clients on social media and it is requested that all contact takes place through MelodyHypnotherapy business contact details provided on this website.

  • For sessions to be delivered online it is essential that you use a private and quiet space where you can not be overheard or interrupted by people or pets entering the room.

  • Please have your device (phones/tablet/laptops) fully charged and near a plug if they are likely to run low throughout the session.

  • Be sure to notify us of any additional support you may need to attend the session safely and comfortably. Theraputic couches are used as standard but other options are available. Be sure to write to us in advance of making a booking so we have time to organise what is required to ensure you have an enjoyable experience.

Cancelation and Refund Policy

Please note: clients that fail to make contact or arrive at their sessions as per agreed will be considered a no show and these sessions will be charged at full price.

You may cancel or reschedule by email with the following considerations. We request that you cancel at least 48 hours before a scheduled session. This gives us the opportunity to offer the session to another person. If you have to cancel, we offer to refund you in full if you cancel before the 48 hours.

MelodyHypnotherapy Reserves the Right to Refuse Treatment.

The practitioner has the right to refuse or terminate any treatment if it is a reasonable belief that it will not be, or continue to be, efficacious. In refusing or terminating treatment due care will be given by fully explaining the rationale for refusal or termination to the client.


We are very happy to say that face to face sessions resumed in July 2020 and we continue to support clients face to face (spaces are limited).

Online sessions also available

If you would like a face to face session at The Practice Rooms, 39 Cotham Hill, Redland, BS6 6JY Or another Practice Rooms Location (tbc) please bring a water bottle and anything else to help you relax and keep safe. 


Your therapist will be wearing a face screen.

Hand sanitiser is available as soon as you enter the building and throughout.

The Centre is very light, well aired and cleaned in line with current Covid guidelines.

Therapy spaces are large rooms, which are aired and cleaned thoroughly between clients.

Rest room facilities are available and encouraged to be used, please wash your hands when you arrive.

We love diversity!

You are invited to contact us by email to request sessions on alternative days or times. We take pride in supporting parents, carers and shift workers and apreciate that we all have different working patterns, different needs and different preferences.