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Mental Wellbeing For Men
A blog: A closer look at Mens mental wellbeing - for World Mental Health Day on10 October 2021.
By Melody May

While the male mental health crisis has been increasingly acknowledged in recent years, many men still suffer in silence and are less likely to seek help and support than women. With World Mental Health Day approaching on 10 October I thought this would be a good opportunity to take a closer look at men’s mental wellbeing…

There are all kinds of reasons why a man might be experiencing feelings such as stress, anxiety and low mood. It could be due to low self-esteem and/or a lack of confidence, a bereavement (even if it’s a loss they experienced years ago), relationship difficulties or feeling overwhelmed by their responsibilities.

A sudden change in their health could also spark a change in their emotional wellbeing. And now, with pandemic support schemes such as the furlough initiative coming to an end, many men will be feeling the added pressures this will put on their lives.

Taking off the mask

Men are at greater risk of suffering in silence when it comes to mental heath problems. Boys are often left to 'just get on with it’ and learn to try and push their feelings away as they are not taught the emotional resources to cope and work through negative feelings, which can lead to overwhelm in adult life. Outdated stereotypes about men and boys always being strong and stoic certainly don’t help.

Instead of seeking support, men often show a brave face to the world. I liken this to wearing a mask, where they might appear to be happy and confident, but inside they’re struggling with feelings such as stress, inadequacy, fear and shame. 


If this is something you recognise in yourself (or in someone you’re close to), holistic hypnotherapy is a highly effective way to empower you to take control of your life and make powerful, lasting changes.

For example, clients often come to me because they’re ready to update their operating system by breaking habits such as addictions, or to promote better health by improving their diet and nutritional intake or the quality and quantity of their sleep.

Sometimes they might be struggling with commitment phobia or are seeking support in preparing for parenthood.

Whatever the reason for seeking help, hypnotherapy creates a safe, warm space where you feel ready to let go of anything you no longer need and to welcome more light and positivity into your life. By working with the subconscious mind through such a deep sense of relaxation, the results can be felt instantaneously and the effects can be seen early on in a treatment plan.

I see clients start to quickly step away from the patterns of self-destruction they were previously caught up in and instead experience a sense of deep relief. In turn, they become better partners, better parents, more successful in their communication skills and more reliable in their chosen priorities.

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For more advice on how to look after your mental wellbeing – and how to support the men in your life who might be struggling with their mental health – read the guest blog I recently wrote on this theme for Wild Oats, which includes a range of useful resources: https://www.melodyhypnotherapy.co.uk/mens-mental-health-is-important