Melody is easy to talk to and empathic. She has a knack of getting to the root of an issue in a supportive and sensitive way. I found she helped me clarify issues I was having when I struggled to identify myself exactly what i was feeling. I had some initial sessions and when I felt I had worked through those initial problems I felt comfortable going back exploring a bit deeper. The healing rooms are lovely and I felt warm comfortable, relaxed and safe in my sessions. I felt able to continue sessions remotely whilst in lockdown and these were just as effective. Having the sessions recorded and sent to me meant I could keep going back over them and the issues I went with seeemed to gradually melt away.  I have a sleep recording from Melody and if I struggle to sleep it works every time. I have been surprised how deeply the sessions have worked and the results have lasted.

Leise, Mother & Reiki Master.

Melody applies an holistic approach to her clients needs. Ensuring that before treatment begins she has a full understanding of her clients history, needs and desires. Melody is kind and conscientious, she takes pride in her discipline and client experience. Melody has vocal cords made for this practice. So relaxing... After just one session I made some big decisions. Decisions I knew needed to be made. However didn’t have the clarity to prioritise said needs in the application of making it. Powerful insight into myself after just one session. The ambience was perfect during the session. My session was delivered via video messenger. I was instructed in detail with how to maximise my experience. The appropriate space, setting, refreshments etc. I enjoy defusing essential oils and listening to meditation music also. I feel that Melody addressed the issues head on, I completed a client form before treatment and then elaborated on said issues during the initial consultation. I was surprised how quickly the emotional and physical response happened. Really enjoyable and relaxing experience... thank you!

​​Katie, Mother and Company Director.

Melody has a warm and welcoming nature. Before my first hypnotherapy session, she made me feel relaxed and prepared for the experience. And was happy to answer any questions. I work in the corporate world in London and have experienced a number of mental health and life challenges in recent years. These events have had a detrimental effect on my sleep over the past few years. After experiencing hypnotherapy with Melody and then listening to a recording of the session at night, my sleep has benefited greatly. I have much to thank her for and would highly recommend to anyone.

David, London.

I found Melody very easy to talk to and felt at ease throughout the whole session. Her demeanour is professional but down to earth and it feels like you are talking to an old friend, which helps you feel relaxed. I have only had one session with Melody, but came out of it feeling very reenergised and positive. I have been having trouble sleeping and 100 percent got an awesome full nights sleep after the session. I havent used the recording yet, but am sure that it will help me get to a state where I can switch off and rest my body. I felt relaxed in the sessions, and went into very deep relaxation in the second part of the session. Even tho we had to do the session over the phone due to covid19, I felt that the atmosphere that Melody created was homely and professional. I think the issues were dealt in a subtle way - through a discussion initially and then through a hypnotherapy session, and I felt they were addressed without me really knowing that they were! I really connected with a part of me I hadn't connected with for a long time, and realised that Melody gives you the direction, but you really end up healing yourself!

Jassim, Father & Sound Recordist, London.

Melody is very pleasant and friendly person so it was very nice working with her. As a result of the sessions I'm able to relax more and I have less stress. I have been able to embrace positive feelings and get more confident about myself. I felt relaxed, calmed and safe. Melody achieved the objective. I was surprised to feel relaxed so easily, her voice and the way she speaks helped a lot to feel calmed.

Olaia, Mother and Artist, Basque Country.

Melody was of great assistance when I needed a helping hand, she is professional, calm and compassionate. I was anxious about therapy to begin with but her calm, caring professionalism soon put me at ease. The atmosphere was relaxed and Melody listened deeply to what I had been going through, and helped me realise my own ways to overcome things. I was deeply sceptical to begin with but eventually over awed by the help Melody gave me, I credit her for a big turn around in my life at a critical moment.

Tom, Carpenter and Construction Manager, Bristol.

Melody helped me clarify where I was seeking to bring changes in my life. She is a highly skilled therapist and helped me to relax during the sessions, and this aided the exploration of what was holding me back in terms of my own perception of things. I have benefited from working with Melody as I feel the sessions have enabled me to make better life decisions and stay true to the person I'm becoming.

Katie, Staff Nurse, Bristol.




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